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Five advantages of qing Lin mechanical protection
  • Factory price sell

    Sales of the company production equipment are all factory price, the same quality, the lowest counterparts.

  • Credit guarantee

    The company for the quality reputation in hebei province demonstration unit, the optimization of the whole machine quality than the delay for a year.

  • After-sales service

    The company's after-sales service guarantee 365 days 7 * 24 hours service all the way, let the customer production.

  • After-sales service

    Machinery and equipment electrical parts, hydraulic components, such as adopt domestic famous manufacturers.

  • Professional custom

    The company has excellent r&d personnel, it can customize according to customer's different process production of special equipment.

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  • Shijiazhuang Qinglin Machinery ……

    Shijiazhuang Qinglin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a woodworking machinery equipment

  • The enterprise culture

    The spirit of enterprise The qualit if innovation and

  • Radiate across the country with ……

    "Welcome customers around the world and establish the reputation with high quality".

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